Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Repurposed Retractable Dining Table

Are you a Craigslist Junkie? Guilty Here! I just hate seeing furnitures go to dumpster. I want to give them a second chance. If I can just give them all a home I would, but I can't.
We do not have enough storage space even for picking items up and resurfacing them to sell....

We were taking my daughter to school one early morning when I spotted Curb Alert....
Rubbernecking as we drove past the house with furnitures sitting on the curb. I know I have to check it out.
Dining Table.....Hmmm.....
It was an alright dining room table scratched-up and needs some major resurfacing.
But because we do not have room for stuff I really have to think of what I can use it for.
Well, I don't have a make-up vanity/table yet maybe that will solve it.
I used my convincing powers so my husband would pick it up for me.
I noticed it is retractable so that would make it even useful.
Now I can use it for a vanity, an entry table or a buffet table.
You are probably scratching your head at how I will do that to a Dining table.

Here's how I did it......

 I unscrewed and removed the legs. The right frame where the two right legs attaches to, I also removed and unscrewed.
 I moved it just to where the other retractable piece is and centered it. Now I have a new narrower frame that holds the legs still.
 I had hubby help me cut it in half with the table saw.
Someone dont want exposure!!!

 Then we screwed the legs back on.
 We also fitted the leaves so we can utilize it as buffet or entry table.
 Primed it with two coats of Cover stain.
 Lightly sanded it after the primer dried.
 And spackled it. It had some deep scratches on the surface and I wanted to smoothen it a little bit so it will not be very noticeable.

Now it's ready for painting.

 (Still in progress.......but i'll keep you posted!)

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